Dylan Barnett

Guitars, President

Hailing from the northern suburbs of chicago, barnett has extensively studied in a wide array of genres from classic rock to modern jazz. When he’s not out funkin’ with the boys, barnett enjoys authentic mexican cuisine and curb your enthusiasm in bed. Follow dylan on spotify here to stay up to date on his solo releases.


Devin Wessels

Keyboards, vocals, Executive vice president of worldwide distribution

devin got his start in the minneapolis live music scene. Raised in a small town on the wisconsin-minnesota border, wessels wrote and produced his first record in his parents’ basement as a senior in high school. off the stage, wessels enjoys the companionship of a curmudgeonly hedgehog named cosmo. Follow Devin on spotify here to stay up to date on his solo releases.


Sophia cruz


raised in minnesota, sophia got an early start singing with various groups in the minneapolis scene and attending a performing arts high school. her powerhouse vocals and electirfying stage presence were introduced to the group in 2018. When she’s not tearing it up with the band, cruz frequents small spaces with big style.


simon ciaccio


an accomplished funk bassist, simon ciaccio splits his time between upright and electric bass. after getting his start in evanston, IL, Ciaccio moved into the city to study jazz at depaul university. off the stage, simon enjoys a life of mystery and intrigue.


julian merluzzi


from a very young age, julian merluzzi loved hitting things with sticks. With influences as far-reaching as his impressive 10-inch wingspan, merluzzi keeps the group grounded and the audience moving. On his off days you can catch julian bathing in an oversized pot of alfredo in the village square.